Saturday, January 31, 2009

Some sage advice...

...from a 1969 issue of The Harpsichord.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another notice about the Berkeley event

Attention Northern California PTG Technicians: 

Lothar Thomma – Swiss piano designer will be in the San Francisco Bay Area at the end of January.

 Mr. Thomma worked for Bechstein as a designer from 1987 through 1994, was consultant to Fazioli and Steingraber and Sons, did design work for Honner and Young Chang and has designed the high end Ritmuler for Pearl River.

 The Ritmuller will d├ębut at the 2009 NAMM show and then make its way to Russell Kassman’s Piano Store in Berkeley Ca on 30, January 2009.

 The event will begin with wine and cheese at 6pm Friday January 30 and be followed by a lecture by Mr. Thomma on scale design.

 Technicians are encouraged to invite music teachers and interested friends and family.

 Please RSVP as soon as you know that you are going.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Russian School not real

The comments I've been getting convince me that the Russian school is not real. So don't send them any CDs.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Russian music school needs donations

I got this email recently. I went to their website and it looks legitimate. If it is a scam, it's for extremely low stakes.

I am writing to you on behalf of the teachers’ council of our Moscow Musical College after finding your e-mail address at the Piano Technicians Guild.

For more than 15 years we have been providing music training for children from 5 to 14 years of age. Unfortunately, because of the poor economic situation that has prevailed for a long time in Russia, we have received only minimal support from the Moscow government’s federal budget.

I would like to explain that we do not collect any tuition fees from the students at our college, otherwise the majority of parents would not be able to afford their children’s tuition. Consequently, it is becoming increasingly difficult to continue with this very worthwhile enterprise. Furthermore, when it comes to the matter of teaching materials, the situation is little short of catastrophic, particularly with regard to sound materials.

We would be extremely grateful if you could send us any recordings of music on CDs, DVDs or LPs, even if their boxes are damaged.


Yours faithfully and hoping for your help,

Nickolay Carmanow,

Moscow Musical College
39-5-25, 3-Barkovaya street
105037, Moscow
Russian Federation

Phone: 7-985-366-6917

E-mail 1:
E-mail 2: